jueves, 24 de enero de 2013


Hi! I think that one of the reasons why I do not post so often is because I decided to post in three different languages, so at the end, it takes me too long to write a post. So I have decided to post in only one language from now on. Even if Spanish is my mother tongue, so obviously it is easier for me to post in Spanish, and it is, if I remember well, the second spoken language all over the world (native speakers), I'm going to post in English because I think that, at the end, is the language that more people understand, or at least are able to read, and the goal of my blog is that as much people as possible can share with me my creations. It will be good also for me, as I will improve my English (I hope), as since I live in Paris I feel I'm loosing my English... I think my brain knows that now is more important for me to master French, so it doesn't want to do much more efforts!!!!
Anyway, if I'm posting for a specific community, as in some challenges, I'll write the post in the common language of the web I'm participating on.
So, see you... IN ENGLISH!!

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  1. Great ! so I'll improve my English too!!

  2. we can begin again with the mails in English, if you want...


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