sábado, 28 de abril de 2012

week in the life 2012_viernes/friday/vendredi

92 photos... this year I'm really working on this project!!
friday was an odd day, as I spent it at home
I like to be at home, and even more when the weather is so awful, but as I had to work, and not to spend the day on my hobbies and so on, it was not so cool...

week in the life, ali edwards

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  1. Hi Paris! :-) Thanks for stopping by! Followed your week all week long and I like it very much! It's great to look around the world this way!

  2. thanks!! yes, I also like to look the weeks of people of other parts of the world... it's fun and interesting

  3. Que chulas!!! Veo que hoy lo habéis pasado bien!!! ajajajaja!!!

  4. depende de la hora... pero en general si, jeje


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