lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

week in the life 2012, domingo/sunday/dimanche

today only 20 pictures...
comparing with the rest of the week, really few...
but I was working almost all the day and is not very funny
to take the same photo each hour, isn't it?

so, today is the last day...
I have really enjoy the process
I like to take pictures
I like to select the ones I prefer
I like to think how to present them,
not only for me, but also for you

and in particular I like this project because at the end is intimately related with one of my most recurrent subjects,  that is to be conscious of my environment and to life my present
(my OLW of last year was today and the one of this year is consciousness, so you can imagine that's an important theme for me...)

so, see you next year!! enjoy yourselves

week in the life, ali edwards

4 comentarios:

  1. ¡Hemos terminado a semana! Currando el domingo... eso por tontear el viernes... jejejeje... Lo malo de que vayan a tu casa, es que no te vas cuando quieres, sino cuando ellos quieren... :-P
    Un beso guapa!! Ah! ¡felicidades! cada vez tienes mas comentarios...

  2. ya... no me lo puedo creer!!! ha molado, verdad??
    respecto a los amigos, basta con empezar a bostezar, JAJAJAJAJA

  3. Great photos representative of your daily life and it looks like your Sunday was nice and relaxing.


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